Meteor Mining


“You’re in the pipe. Five by five,” the voice said over the inter-space comm.

Dan signaled back an affirmative and kept his payload steady. It was approximately 50 meters in diameter at its greatest width, and it rotated at a regular speed thanks to Dan’s careful maneuvering. His IZ was a patch of land about ten kilometers west of the construction site at Pavonis Mons.

“Starting final approach,” Dan said into the comm. “Please reconfirm that IZ is a go.” He waited patiently, his hand hovering above the control rods of his space hopper.

The voice that came over the comm was quiet and full of authority. Not his previous contact. Not someone he recognized. “That’s a negative Hopper 2458. IZ is not clear. Repeat. IZ is not clear. Relocate to beamed coordinates.”

Dan’s eyes widened. This hadn’t happened before. “Please reconfirm. Impact zone is hot and reroute. Please reconfirm and submit change codes and new coordinates.”

“Confirmed. Previous IZ is no fly. New coordinates and change clearance submitted.”

Dan checked the numbers over his hard-copy code clearances. They checked out. Keying up the interface for the payload, Dan fired some thrusters minutely and reoriented the rock to land on the retransmitted coordinates.

Idly, Dan wondered where he’d just sent all those tons of rock and metal.

Uncorrodable—but also fire

When in doubt, go Midseasons/Psycho. Right? Honestly, what are we going to do once rotation hits and Psychographics is out? How will Weyland EVER land two tags? There’d better be a great replacement.

This deck is pretty straight forward. You just want to lock the runner out and score your agendas. The cash comes from the operations, and the Preemptive Action shuffles those back in. If they steal an agenda, Midseasons them for later or Hunter Seeker. You can Psycho out your agendas for points, or you can hit them with a big rock if 7 meat damage will kill them.

Also you straight up lose to Film Critic. Or Keyhole.

Fun times!

Skyfall Skorpios (Meteor Mining)

Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power


Agenda (8)

1x Government Takeover

1x Graft

3x Hostile Takeover

3x Meteor Mining


Operation (23)

2x Beanstalk Royalties

3x Consulting Visit

3x Hedge Fund

3x Hunter Seeker

3x IPO

2x Midseason Replacements  ●●●●● ●●●

3x Preemptive Action

2x Psychographics  ●●●●● ●

2x Restructure


Barrier (12)

3x Battlement

3x Ice Wall

3x Meru Mati

3x Vanilla


Sentry (1)

1x Archer


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)

44 cards (min 40)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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