Behind the Curtain

Mr. Stone looked over the tech’s shoulder and checked the readout on the terminal. The runner had taken the bait, and they were locked in a loop with the sysop.

“You have their location?”

“Well enough,” the sysop said. “You going after them?”

Mr. Stone didn’t reply. He simply walked out of the lab and made his way to a corporate hopper.

You Have Been JUDGED

This is basically an evolution of the Judge Dredd deck I found on NetrunnerDB. We’ve got Jeeves, Zealous Judge, Paywall, and Tour Guides. The end game plan is to land tags on them until they die, but instead of doing it with a scored Private Security Force, we’re doing it with Mr. Stone and Zealous Judge.

We can also score out using Jeeves.

The ICE suite hasn’t changed much, except that we’ve added Tithonium because it’s amazing, and it synergizes very well with our feature card—Standoff.

I hate putting Hostile Takeover in Gagarin. Feels like such a waste, you just give the runner the cash to get in—it’s like Employee Striking yourself. To that end, I’ve usually opted for Public Supports to get that odd number of points or to turn on my Archers.

But then we got Standoff. A 2/0 that makes all the best sense.

We’re going wide, so to support Standoff, we’ve got 3x Team Sponsorship (and 3x Friends in High Places). Now here’s the rub, when we score Standoff, we’re hoping to get three cards into play from Archives or HQ. That’s already nasty. It means we have that many more cards for the runner to target and trash. But, we’re also running Hostile Infrastructure, so they have to trash that first.

Unfortunately, we have some pretty good targets for their trashing. Rezzed Data Ravens and Corporate Towns will have big targets on their backs. Jackson, Jeeves, and Stone will likely be trashed. Oh, and rezzed Judges will probably go. It’s a rough build, but I think the runner will either hit the Hostile Infrastructure and then one other, or they’ll just give you the cash and card. I’d love to fit a second Hostile Infrastructure in here, but the only flex space is the Jacksons. Maybe when rotation happens I’ll put that second HI in.

It’s a dicey game. But Standoff will be pretty cool, and we’ve got built-in ways to recover quickly.

Lastly, if you can score a Cleaners (by install/advancing it behind a Tithonium or Tour Guide, most likely—or a Data Raven if you already have the Judge and Mr. Stone out), you are so golden. Score a Cleaners and Mr. Stone does 2 meat damage every time. That’s just amazing.

Anyways, this is my Standoff deck. Maybe Standoff makes more sense in a deck with fewer things installed that can just drop ICE again, but I like it in my wide deck that bends with the pressure then snaps back.

Space Team Gagarin (Standoff)

Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon


Agenda (12)

1x Armored Servers

3x Corporate Sales Team

3x Project Atlas

3x Standoff

2x The Cleaners


Asset (20)

3x Commercial Bankers Group

1x Corporate Town

1x Hostile Infrastructure  ●●

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

3x Jeeves Model Bioroids  ○○○○○ ○○○○

3x Mr. Stone

3x Team Sponsorship  ●●●

3x Zealous Judge


Operation (7)

3x Friends in High Places  ●●●

2x Paywall Implementation

2x Scorched Earth


Barrier (4)

3x Ice Wall

1x Tithonium


Sentry (6)

2x Archer

2x Data Raven  ●●●●

2x Tour Guide


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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