My name is Meric (sometimes going by StaticMoir or GoblinErlking). I’ve been playing Android: Netrunner for just over three years. Got in just before Honor and Profit, which is probably why I love Criminal and Jinteki so much.

I’ve been a professional writer for around five years now. I write creative stuff for a worldwide engineering company, and I’ve managed small teams on big multimedia projects. Editing and print production are also in my wheelhouse.

Plus I’m actively engaged in populating the world with more nerds. From teaching my kids how to play games to running weekly game nights at my local store.

I’ve wanted to do something in the Netrunner community for a while, and I seriously love deck building. My challenge to myself is to create a deck featuring every card in the Red Sands cycle. So, every week, I’ll design three decks.

Then I’ll take them down to my local shop and give them a go. Should be fun!