Step One: Pacify

Detective Inspector Creedy at the NAPD was having a rough day.

“I understand that you’re not responsible for every story that NBN puts out.” Creedy tried hard not to cringe as he saw the anger appear in Elizabeth Mills’ eyes. “But you see… our image…”

“The ends, Mr. Creedy, will justify these means.” Mills seemed to lose interest in the exchange as soon as Creedy faltered. The call went down hill from there.

Step Five: Success

I’m in my new house! I’m now writing blog posts from my old desk in my new computer room. I’ve got three posts for this week to finish off Blood and Water, then we go into Free Mars next week! Exclamation!!

This deck is pretty cool. Success is a game-ender if ever there was one, though as most Jemison decks seem to work for me, I wonder why I’m sacrificing agendas to score points… Darn combos.

This is pretty straightforward though. As long as you’ve seen the ruling! You see, Success goes on the advancement requirement, not the printed advancement requirement.

That means you can score an NAPD as a 4/2 then take two Bad Publicity—either by scoring a Geothermal Fracking and clicking it twice or by scoring two Hostile Takeovers.

With two Bad Publicity, the NAPD is now a 6/2. So you can Biotic, install a Government Takeover, and play Success. You sacrifice your NAPD to gain 6 advancements plus another 3 from Jemison. That gets you to 9 advancements and a scored Government Takeover!

Step Six? Profit.

Personal Success Jemison (Success)

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success.


Agenda (11)

3x Firmware Updates

1x Geothermal Fracking

1x Government Takeover

3x Hostile Takeover

3x NAPD Contract ★★★


Operation (22)

3x Biotic Labor  ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●

1x Consulting Visit

2x Fast Track

3x Hedge Fund

3x IPO

2x Mass Commercialization

2x Punitive Counterstrike

3x Restructure

3x Success


Barrier (6)

3x Fire Wall

3x Ice Wall


Code Gate (5)

3x Hortum

2x Mausolus


Sentry (5)

2x Archer

3x Colossus


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


Behind the Curtain

Mr. Stone looked over the tech’s shoulder and checked the readout on the terminal. The runner had taken the bait, and they were locked in a loop with the sysop.

“You have their location?”

“Well enough,” the sysop said. “You going after them?”

Mr. Stone didn’t reply. He simply walked out of the lab and made his way to a corporate hopper.

You Have Been JUDGED

This is basically an evolution of the Judge Dredd deck I found on NetrunnerDB. We’ve got Jeeves, Zealous Judge, Paywall, and Tour Guides. The end game plan is to land tags on them until they die, but instead of doing it with a scored Private Security Force, we’re doing it with Mr. Stone and Zealous Judge.

We can also score out using Jeeves.

The ICE suite hasn’t changed much, except that we’ve added Tithonium because it’s amazing, and it synergizes very well with our feature card—Standoff.

I hate putting Hostile Takeover in Gagarin. Feels like such a waste, you just give the runner the cash to get in—it’s like Employee Striking yourself. To that end, I’ve usually opted for Public Supports to get that odd number of points or to turn on my Archers.

But then we got Standoff. A 2/0 that makes all the best sense.

We’re going wide, so to support Standoff, we’ve got 3x Team Sponsorship (and 3x Friends in High Places). Now here’s the rub, when we score Standoff, we’re hoping to get three cards into play from Archives or HQ. That’s already nasty. It means we have that many more cards for the runner to target and trash. But, we’re also running Hostile Infrastructure, so they have to trash that first.

Unfortunately, we have some pretty good targets for their trashing. Rezzed Data Ravens and Corporate Towns will have big targets on their backs. Jackson, Jeeves, and Stone will likely be trashed. Oh, and rezzed Judges will probably go. It’s a rough build, but I think the runner will either hit the Hostile Infrastructure and then one other, or they’ll just give you the cash and card. I’d love to fit a second Hostile Infrastructure in here, but the only flex space is the Jacksons. Maybe when rotation happens I’ll put that second HI in.

It’s a dicey game. But Standoff will be pretty cool, and we’ve got built-in ways to recover quickly.

Lastly, if you can score a Cleaners (by install/advancing it behind a Tithonium or Tour Guide, most likely—or a Data Raven if you already have the Judge and Mr. Stone out), you are so golden. Score a Cleaners and Mr. Stone does 2 meat damage every time. That’s just amazing.

Anyways, this is my Standoff deck. Maybe Standoff makes more sense in a deck with fewer things installed that can just drop ICE again, but I like it in my wide deck that bends with the pressure then snaps back.

Space Team Gagarin (Standoff)

Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon


Agenda (12)

1x Armored Servers

3x Corporate Sales Team

3x Project Atlas

3x Standoff

2x The Cleaners


Asset (20)

3x Commercial Bankers Group

1x Corporate Town

1x Hostile Infrastructure  ●●

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

3x Jeeves Model Bioroids  ○○○○○ ○○○○

3x Mr. Stone

3x Team Sponsorship  ●●●

3x Zealous Judge


Operation (7)

3x Friends in High Places  ●●●

2x Paywall Implementation

2x Scorched Earth


Barrier (4)

3x Ice Wall

1x Tithonium


Sentry (6)

2x Archer

2x Data Raven  ●●●●

2x Tour Guide


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on

Meteor Mining


“You’re in the pipe. Five by five,” the voice said over the inter-space comm.

Dan signaled back an affirmative and kept his payload steady. It was approximately 50 meters in diameter at its greatest width, and it rotated at a regular speed thanks to Dan’s careful maneuvering. His IZ was a patch of land about ten kilometers west of the construction site at Pavonis Mons.

“Starting final approach,” Dan said into the comm. “Please reconfirm that IZ is a go.” He waited patiently, his hand hovering above the control rods of his space hopper.

The voice that came over the comm was quiet and full of authority. Not his previous contact. Not someone he recognized. “That’s a negative Hopper 2458. IZ is not clear. Repeat. IZ is not clear. Relocate to beamed coordinates.”

Dan’s eyes widened. This hadn’t happened before. “Please reconfirm. Impact zone is hot and reroute. Please reconfirm and submit change codes and new coordinates.”

“Confirmed. Previous IZ is no fly. New coordinates and change clearance submitted.”

Dan checked the numbers over his hard-copy code clearances. They checked out. Keying up the interface for the payload, Dan fired some thrusters minutely and reoriented the rock to land on the retransmitted coordinates.

Idly, Dan wondered where he’d just sent all those tons of rock and metal.

Uncorrodable—but also fire

When in doubt, go Midseasons/Psycho. Right? Honestly, what are we going to do once rotation hits and Psychographics is out? How will Weyland EVER land two tags? There’d better be a great replacement.

This deck is pretty straight forward. You just want to lock the runner out and score your agendas. The cash comes from the operations, and the Preemptive Action shuffles those back in. If they steal an agenda, Midseasons them for later or Hunter Seeker. You can Psycho out your agendas for points, or you can hit them with a big rock if 7 meat damage will kill them.

Also you straight up lose to Film Critic. Or Keyhole.

Fun times!

Skyfall Skorpios (Meteor Mining)

Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power


Agenda (8)

1x Government Takeover

1x Graft

3x Hostile Takeover

3x Meteor Mining


Operation (23)

2x Beanstalk Royalties

3x Consulting Visit

3x Hedge Fund

3x Hunter Seeker

3x IPO

2x Midseason Replacements  ●●●●● ●●●

3x Preemptive Action

2x Psychographics  ●●●●● ●

2x Restructure


Barrier (12)

3x Battlement

3x Ice Wall

3x Meru Mati

3x Vanilla


Sentry (1)

1x Archer


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)

44 cards (min 40)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on

Traffic Analyzer

Neural Analytics

“I’ve got a heavy transport coming in on five,” Vanessa said into her commlink.

“Roger that. I see her.” Stev was new on the team, but Nessa had figured him for a good company man.

“Slewing a bit to the side.”

“It is at that. Heavy load?”

“Inebriated driver. Call it in.”

That’s when the cameras caught a facial rec of the driver. It was a Tenma model, but his eyes were glazed over as if there was nothing behind the wheel.


Traffic Analyzer seemed like a pretty lame card. It has the chance to reduce your ICE rez costs just a bit. My first thought was to bring in a Troll and TMI deck. Things that stack traces with Rutherford Grid. Plus we could get a discount on TMI. It was okay. Also it was interesting with Aryabhata. But I was thinking too small.

Because, you see, Traffic Analyzer is not unique or limit one per server. That means with three of them and one Rutherford, we can run three Trace fours to reduce the rez cost of a piece of ICE by 3. Hmmm… Cell Portal is a 5, and it derezzes a lot. Akitaro Watanabe brings the rez cost of the Cell Portal down to 0. Which means we can create an infinite loop if the runner can’t beat the trace.

Guess what, Aryabhata can fit into this as well. So, every time we trace with Analyzer, they lose a credit, and we gain a credit. This increases our infinity. But what do we do with it? Just make a million credits?

No, we kill them. Because this all fits in the 17-influence beauty that is AgInfusion.

You see, if we’re reducing rez costs by 5, we can get an Assassin up for 2 credits. Or a Gemini up for 0. Assassin’s traces become trace 7 and 6. Gemini’s trace is 4 (which means for the low-low investment of one credit each time, you guarantee 1 net damage, possibly 2). In a pinch you could also use Neural Katana.

Originally this plan had been with Shinobi, but unfortunately Shinobi’s third sub has an ETR clause. So that’s out. Assassin is in.

What’re the other parts to this debacle? Well, the runner can’t jack out. So we need 3x Whirlpool. And we’ll need Batty to make sure the Whirlpool fires if they have an AI. We also need facedown ICE. That shouldn’t be a problem, we’ve got 19 ICE to install.

I also threw in a fun little Labyrinthine Servers which we can try and bluff out as a Project Junebug.

Basically, create your server of doom. You need a Cell Portal at the bottom and either an Assassin or a Gemini in front of it. You can protect the upgrades by putting a Junebug in it. Then you drop a Rutherford Grid, an Akitaro, and all three Traffic Analyzers. Go sideways with Aryabhata and protect them with whatever ICE you can spare. Your Macrophages and Kakugos can absolutely never touch your infini-remote, because it’s a waste. Get a Whirlpool in front of a facedown ICE to trigger AgInfusion’s ability with, and if they’re playing AI, get your Batty down on the Whirlpool server.

Whirlpool! Trash ICE to send them to our remote! (Remember, you cannot rez the Assassin or Gemini at this point.) They think they’re about to hit the Junebug and they extend their hand for good game, and you say, “but wait, there’s more!” You rez the Rutherford and the Traffic Analyzers. Then you rez the Cell Portal. If they had a card to break it, you may need to Batty it. But they may also have little money left because of the 9 credits they just lost from Aryabhata techs.

Cell Portal fires and derezzes, and the hapless runner approaches the outermost piece of ICE. Your Gemini or Assassin. It can now be rezzed. Which triggers Traffic Analyzer again, and hits them for another 9 credits (gaining you 9, of course) from Aryabhata. Then they encounter the ICE. You start dealing net damage or dealing damage and trashing their programs. Either way, your Aryabhata’s are making you richer and them poorer.

Then they hit the Cell Portal again. You rez it.

INFINITE LOOP. That only took a seven-card combo. Eight cards if you count the derezzed ICE. Nine cards if you count Batty. 10 cards if you count the kill.

Oh yeah. 10-card kill combo. That’s going to go off in EVERY GAME PROMISE GUARANTEED.

Rush Hour AgInfusion (Traffic Analyzer)

AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World


Agenda (7)

1x Fetal AI

1x Labyrinthine Servers

3x Obokata Protocol

2x The Future Perfect


Asset (8)

3x Aryabhata Tech  ●●●●● ●

2x Jackson Howard  ●●

3x Project Junebug


Upgrade (12)

3x Akitaro Watanabe

3x Marcus Batty

3x Rutherford Grid  ●●●●● ●

3x Traffic Analyzer  ●●●


Operation (3)

3x Hedge Fund


Barrier (3)

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (5)

3x Cell Portal

2x Macrophage


Sentry (8)

3x Assassin

3x Gemini

2x Neural Katana


Other (3)

3x Whirlpool


17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


Brain Caging

Carlos itched at the neural net as the hologram droned on about market forces and guiding principles. Anya, another student sitting just to his right, looked just as uncomfortable, so Carlos leaned over and whispered.

“What’re you up to after class?”

Anya squinted at the blue hologram in front of them and sat up more stiffly. “Shut up, C, you know they monitor us in here.”

“Yeah sure, but do they care what we do after class?”

“They care,” Anya said flatly, keeping her attention on the program.

Carlos rolled his eyes and looked glumly up at the ceiling.

Then the neural net started to itch more.

“Hey, you feel that…?” Carlos’s voice quavered a touch, but Anya ignored him.

Reaching a finger up between the fibres and his hair, Carlos tried to find whatever was irritating his scalp. Then his body went stiff.

Electricity coursed through him, and his vision went white.

When his vision cleared, Carlos found his head between his knees. He was doubled over, and his chest hurt. He’d been panting.

Straightening quickly, Carlos focused his gaze on the teaching module ahead of him.

“C? You okay man?” Anya asked, no longer looking at the hologram.

“Anya, I’m trying to focus. This stuff is important.”

Same Old Thing

Okay. I have no idea what to do with this agenda. So, when in doubt, Psychographics a 5/3. This deck makes money. It draws cards, and it installs economy assets. You trash them? It recurs them. Hard. The ICE is good old NBN taxing ICE. Remember when NBN ICE used to be crap?

Anywho. We make a ton of money, then we Midseasons and Psychographics. Not exactly very amazing, but it’s in NEH now, so it’s a lot richer!

To the Victors NEH (Reeducation)

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center


Agenda (8)

1x AstroScript Pilot Program

1x Global Food Initiative  ●

3x Project Beale

3x Reeducation


Asset (15)

3x Commercial Bankers Group  ●●●●● ●

3x Jackson Howard

3x PAD Campaign

3x Team Sponsorship  ●●●

3x Turtlebacks  ●●●


Operation (13)

2x Fast Track

3x Friends in High Places  ●●●

2x MCA Informant

3x Midseason Replacements

3x Psychographics


Barrier (4)

2x Data Ward

2x Resistor


Code Gate (5)

2x Archangel

1x Authenticator

2x Pop-up Window


Sentry (4)

2x Data Raven

2x Turnpike


16 influence spent (max 17, available 1)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on

Tournament Report

I didn’t play ANY of last week’s decks. Instead, we hosted my very last tournament at the Two-Headed Giant. I’m moving back to the sunny shores of Alberta (har har) this Thursday, so I wanted to get one more tournament in.

And between moving and tournament and moving and more moving, I haven’t gotten to play much Netrunner. Still, here’s some stuff. Let’s talk about the tournament in brief.

We had five players. Strangely enough, there were two Sunnys! I brought Ken and PE.

I thought long and hard about bringing Reina with Caissas. This’d probably be the last time I could take the chess pieces to a tournament until people started running full card pool tournaments, but in the end, I decided to go Crim. Really, it’s because the Caissas are pretty dated. They’re still cool, and nothing beats their physicality, but Knight is too expensive with all the multi-sub ICE. It doesn’t stand up to modern breakers. Rook is cool, but it would require a heavy investment in a derez suite, which I wasn’t totally into. Pawn doesn’t give that much of an economic boost over just installing a Temujin, and Bishop has always been pretty weak. Now it has to go up against things like Net-Ready Eyes, Dedicated Processor, and Null.

It was sad. But I didn’t play Caissas.

However, Ken and PE were awesome.

For the Ken deck, I went relatively light on the run events (only 10). That was a bonus, but what we really wanted was the 17 influence. That let us bring in Employee Strikes, Temujin, Mimic, Paperclip, Datasuckers, and two Equivocation.

The game plan was to get some regular runs in, threaten remotes with Inside Job, clear shenanigans with Strike, and then Equivocate for the win.

It did pretty well. But Abagnale was a pain. Decoders are hard for Crim.

Also Mammon had to come down in one game where I just could not find my Paperclip or a Special Order.

Femme was a boss and got me some pretty amazing plays.

But the real star of the deck was Bloo Moose. As Paperclip is the only card that comes out of the bin in this deck, I regularly made about 30 credits off of Bloo Moose. What’s that, a Daily Casts that lasts 15 turns? I’d buy that.

Bloo Moose is definitely going on the MWL.

Deliberation Ken

Ken “Express” Tenma: Disappeared Clone


Event (22)

3x Career Fair

3x Dirty Laundry

2x Employee Strike  ●●

3x Inside Job

2x Legwork

2x Möbius

3x Special Order

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (3)

3x Desperado


Resource (12)

2x Aaron Marrón

2x Bloo Moose

2x Daily Casts

3x Earthrise Hotel

3x Temüjin Contract ★★★


Icebreaker (5)

1x Abagnale

1x Femme Fatale

1x Mammon

1x Mimic  ●

1x Paperclip  ●●●


Program (4)

2x Datasucker  ●●

2x Equivocation  ●●●●● ●


17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on

My PE build was a slightly modified version of my Master Shredder Obokata deck. It’s still super amazing. I think I might swap the Cortex Locks for something else, but going down to two Shocks to include a Caprice was a really, really smart choice.

I didn’t MCA any Film Critics this tournament, but I did turn an Aaron to my side. I also Scorched somebody. The real nailbiter was in my final game against James (one of the store owners). He was on 5 points, and I was on 3 points. I had a Fetal AI installed and double advanced, and he could get into the server. But he had very few cards. Time was running down.

He went in. He hit the Swordsman and let it fire. He then hit a Komainu and cursed at me. That’s also when I rezzed the Caprice. He cursed at me more.

He lost the Psi Game. He tried again. This time I rezzed the Ben Musashi. He cursed at me more, and he jacked out—not enough cards to survive the Fetal and the Ben. He passed turn.

I triple-advanced the Fetal and waited 5 seconds for the clock to run down. I scored it and ended my turn. He now had one turn left to win the game. Unfortunately for him, I had no agendas in hand or archives, so he needed the top deck (no multi access).

It wasn’t there, so we tied. That landed me in third place behind David in first and James in second. I’m really loving this deck, but I think the ICE suite needs some tooling. Not just the Cortex Locks (though they were really great against Sunny), but also the DNA Trackers. Do I need 3? I don’t think so.

Master Shredder PE (Obokata Protocol)

Jinteki: Personal Evolution


Agenda (10)

3x Fetal AI

3x House of Knives

3x Obokata Protocol

1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (7)

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

2x Shock!

2x Snare!


Upgrade (3)

2x Ben Musashi

1x Caprice Nisei


Operation (14)

2x Celebrity Gift

3x Cerebral Cast

3x Hedge Fund

2x MCA Informant  ●●●●

2x Neural EMP

2x Scorched Earth  ●●●●● ●●●


Barrier (3)

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (5)

3x DNA Tracker

2x Yagura


Sentry (7)

2x Cortex Lock

3x Komainu

2x Swordsman


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on

It was very sad that it was my last tournament at the Two-Headed Giant. I’m going to miss those folks.


Style Points

Kit stared at the server’s readout and laughed. “So you think you’ve got the big walls, eh? We’ll see who has whose number today.” Kit paused, ran back over her words, and shrugged to herself.

“Whatever. This will be fantastic.”

Engaging the Mass-Driver, Kit’s interface went technicolour as she rocketed forward in cyber space. The overcharged icebreaker sapped at her power reserves, but it blew through the Weyland defenses as if they were paper walls.


Once again, an iteration on Adam’s Kit/Dedicated Processor deck, this one tries to find a good use for Mass-Driver. Thing is, it’s damn expensive at only one strength and two credits to break subroutines. Eight to install? That’s also tough to swallow.

But! With Inversificator, we can set up intense Mass-Driver turns later on. Picture this, the corp has a Curtain Wall on the outside and a Vanilla on the inside. You use your Inversificator (and Dedicated Processor) to break the Curtain Wall once and then swap it inwards. You definitely jack out at this point.

Next turn, you Mass Driver through the Vanilla for two credits, and break the Curtain Wall immediately. Seems like a good deal to me!

Okay, I’m stretching. But the only other build I could think of was a Mass-Driver on a London Library with LLDS Processors, and it’s still not amazing. But at least this might give some cool stories?

Anti-Freeze Kit (Mass-Driver)

Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman


Event (19)

3x Diesel

3x Dirty Laundry

2x Levy AR Lab Access

3x Modded

2x Spooned  ●●●●● ●

3x Sure Gamble

3x Test Run


Hardware (11)

3x Dedicated Processor

3x Lockpick

3x R&D Interface

2x The Gauntlet  ●●


Resource (5)

2x Beth Kilrain-Chang

3x Same Old Thing


Icebreaker (6)

1x Inti

2x Inversificator

2x Mass-Driver

1x MKUltra  ●●


Program (4)

2x Equivocation

2x Magnum Opus


10 influence spent (max 10, available 0)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on

Escalate Vitriol

The Daily Red

“CRIMINALS!” the man roared at the recorder, spittle visible as it hit the high-def camera lens. “They think the red planet is theirs for the taking, but we have something more to say on the matter, don’t we?!”

On-meta or anti-meta?

This deck lives or dies on Jackson Howard, and as usual, it’s pretty rough thanks to Film Critic. This is why we have two MCA Informants for when the Critic hits the table. Interestingly enough, if we trash a Film Critic with an agenda on it, it goes exactly where we want our agendas—in Archives.

Here’s the game plan, over draw a whole bunch. Install ICE, play economy operations. Discard all TGTBT, QPMs, and your Explode-a-palooza. Of course, you’ll also want to discard your Shocks and News Teams.

Eventually, they’ll run Archives. We should have a Data Raven or Thoth there. Since we’re Haarp, they’ll only get to steal one of our agendas, and we’ll get the QPMs. They’ll also take net damage, -1 agenda points (or two tags) plus however many tags from the TGTBT.

This should also overload their one Film Critic. Because if they Film Critic our Explode-a-palooza, then they don’t satisfy the Haarp ability, and they’ll steal another one.

That means we Midseasons them.

Then we Psychographics. We can install a Vitriol, Psycho, then click it to recoup our cash, or (if we have the cash and they have the tags) we can Psycho a Beale for the 7-point win. Or whatever you need after QPMs have been scored for you.

Lastly, we can totally Boom and Scorch them to death. Because of course we can.

In any other deck, I don’t see how Escalate Vitriol works. But it’s damn good in this one.

PropagandaPalooza Haarpsichord (Escalate Vitriol)

Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed


Agenda (13)

1x AstroScript Pilot Program

3x Escalate Vitriol

1x Explode-a-palooza

2x Project Beale

3x Quantum Predictive Model



Asset (8)

3x Jackson Howard

3x News Team

2x Shock!  ●●●●


Operation (16)

1x BOOM!  ●●●

1x Closed Accounts

3x Hedge Fund

2x MCA Informant

2x Midseason Replacements

2x Psychographics

2x Scorched Earth  ●●●●● ●●●

3x Sweeps Week


Barrier (3)

1x Data Ward

2x Pachinko


Code Gate (4)

2x Authenticator

2x Bandwidth


Sentry (4)

3x Data Raven

1x Thoth


Other (1)

1x Universal Connectivity Fee


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


Devil’s Hunger

The mysterious program had opened so many opportunities for Kate. She loved to explore, and though this icebreaker needed to be fed, she had found workarounds for that.

And now the net was even more open. Ripe.


This is a modified version of my Adjusted Matrix deck from before. We’re still using Endless Hunger alongside e3 Feedback Implants and Adjusted Matrix, but now we’ve added in Faust. Why? Because Daredevil feeds Faust, and e3 keeps Faust happy.

The best target for Endless Hunger’s nom-nom is MKUltra, naturally. Particularly since Kate can recur the Killer for a cheap 1 credit. That means a run usually nets you +2 cards, then you eat your Killer to get through something and can reinstall it if necessary. Need to blow something else up because you haven’t encountered a Killer? Go for a Fan Site or Artist Colony—or in a pinch—a VoicePAD.

So, what can we break subroutines with? Credits. Cards. Clicks. And installed cards. Seems like we’ve got tricks to get in.

Starving Artist Kate (Daredevil)

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker


Event (21)

3x Diesel

3x Dirty Laundry

3x Levy AR Lab Access

1x Lucky Find  ●●

3x Modded

3x Quality Time

3x Sure Gamble

2x The Maker’s Eye


Hardware (11)

2x Adjusted Matrix

2x Daredevil

2x e3 Feedback Implants  ●●●●

3x Prepaid VoicePAD

2x R&D Interface


Resource (8)

3x Artist Colony

1x Beth Kilrain-Chang

3x Fan Site

1x Film Critic


Icebreaker (3)

1x Endless Hunger  ●●

1x Faust ★★★ ●●

1x MKUltra  ●●


Program (3)

3x Self-modifying Code


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

46 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on

Shipment from Tennin


The Obokata Protocol had opened so many doors throughout the Jinteki infrastructure. Intrusive net criminals had moved on to easier pickings, and resources had been redistributed.

For the Tennin Institute, that meant more aggressive measures.

Catch 22

It’s a never-advance deck. Psychic Field is a way under-utilized card, and Hostile Infrastructure with Bio-Ethics Association is always a nasty surprise. Unfortunately, there’s a little anti-synergy in the Bio-Ethics Associations as they incentivize the runner to run, thereby turning the Tennin ability off. I’m not sure about it, but I still like the kill-threat package.

What you probably have to do is play smart—shocker. Don’t immediately rez a single Bio-Ethics Association. Keep them in reserve until the runner hits a Psychic Field or Shock. Then start dropping BEAs and not rezzing them.

When it makes sense (like after they score an Obokata Protocol), rez all three Bio-Ethics Associations for a kill shot. Don’t try and whittle the runner down like in a Potential Unleashed deck. We just don’t have the recursion to make that worthwhile.

As for the never-advance strategy, if they steal a Medical Breakthrough, then you can score Braintrusts and Medical Breakthroughs from hand using Shipment from Tennin or Trick of Light. If you have two FA cards, then you can never-advance an Obokata. If possible, I’d probably save my Jacksons for reshuffling Psychic Fields back in. Those are our bread and butter.

And if you’re getting lots of Shocks and Psychic Fields, feel free to throw a spikey piece of ICE (not an Ice Wall) on a remote to tax the checks.

Needs a clever hand, but it’s a pretty promising deck. Shipment from Tennin is cool as hell. Jinteki continues to be the faction that punishes you for running and punishes you for not running. I’m really going to miss Ronin.

Shell Tennin (Shipment from Tennin)

Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within


Agenda (9)

3x Braintrust

3x Medical Breakthrough

2x Obokata Protocol

1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (14)

3x Bio-Ethics Association ★★★

2x Hostile Infrastructure

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

3x Psychic Field

3x Shock!


Operation (13)

1x Archived Memories  ●●

3x Celebrity Gift

3x Hedge Fund

3x Shipment from Tennin

3x Trick of Light


Barrier (5)

2x Ice Wall  ●●

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (4)

2x DNA Tracker

2x Yagura


Sentry (4)

2x Colossus  ●●●●

2x Komainu


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on